Friday, 24 June 2011

My GHD went on fire & My Straightener History

I've been straightening my hair since the age of ten, I'd say, since I have naturally curly hair. The first hair straightener I ever got was the original GHD when I was ten/eleven. I had it for ages and it was really good. Then last summer, when I was 13, my friend was at my house and she was using it. She then decided to leave it on the ground, she stood on it and snapped it in half. So obviously I couldn't use it anymore.

(I don't have it anymore so I don't have my own photo of it)

For Christmas 2008, when I was 12, I got another GHD. This one was bright hot pink. I didn't really use it much because I had my other one. But after the other one broke, I started using it.
If you follow me on twitter or just know me in person you may already know this story. On Wednesday last, which was the last day of the Junior Cert for me, I woke up and the first thing I did was straighten my hair because I was late. I was still half asleep and I was about half way through doing my hair. All of a sudden there were like sparks and flames coming out of the straightener only for like 20 seconds and then it stopped itself. It took me like literally a minute to realise what had just happened. I looked at the straightener and it was fine, like it didn't have any burn marks or anything. It was just switched off and I couldn't switch it back on. Most people would be concerned about the fact that they're out like €300 and how they could have just been set on fire. I was just upset that I had to go to school with my hair half done.

The hair straightener that went on fire

So now I'm stuck with this Corioliss one. It's red leopard print. I have no idea how much it is or where to get it 'cause my mom got it for me. One thing I hate about it is that it doesn't turn off itself. Like with GHD's if you leave it on by accident it switches off itself after a while. Lets just hope I don't set the house on fire.

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