Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Karl Lagerfeld Limited Edition Diet Coke Bottle 3/3

Last Friday I won a giveaway on Leanne Woodfull's blog. I won a Karl Lagerfeld diet coke bottle. There are three of these available and I got the third one. 


Note received with the bottle

My mother is a huge fan of the head designer for Chanel and after me receiving the bottle on Tuesday, she has practically declared it her own.
The bottles are gorgeous and I'm delighted that I won one.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Jedward VICTORY new album cover

Sorry haven't been posting lately but as some of yous may know I love Jedward, even though I think this is my first post about them. And a while ago they released the cover for their new album Victory!
Release Dates

Ireland - 5th August
UK - 15th August

They are also releasing a new version of their debut album, Planet Jedward in Europe. It has half of the songs from their first album and half of the songs from their second album. It won't be available in Ireland/UK as both albums are already released here.

Release Dates
Germany - 15th July
Sweden - 18th July

Their fourth single 'Bad Behaviour' is out now on iTunes. The video is available on Youtube and on

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Summer Jam 2011 (Ke$ha, LMFAO, Alexis Jordan, Aggro Santos, Fugative)

Be warned, I am horrible at taking photos at concerts.

On June 28th I headed up to the O2 Arena in Dublin with my sister and a couple of my friends to see Ke$ha! She is one of my favourite artists of all time and I never thought I'd ever see her live so this was a pretty big thing for me. Summer Jam was quoted as "Europe's biggest urban/pop festival" even though there was like five acts.

My sister couldn't stay overnight so I couldn't meet any of the acts and we just got the bus up. Slightly disappointing but oh well!

My friend declaring his love for Tyra Banks on the bus up.

We first got into the arena at about half six. We had seated tickets because we're both really short but ended up walking into standing by accident. I wanted to stay there but of course she didn't. But the second I got pushed I was out of there. Instead, I went around the merch stands and stuff while Jemma was looking for the bar.

Me and Jemma! Hate this photo but it's like the only one of me I got. Patrick destroyed my chest with glitter.

The show started at 7pm with two guys from a radio station in Ireland DJing for a half hour. One of them was Dara Quilty who's in a band that me and my friend went to see over a year ago so I was rather excited about that :L

At half seven, Fugative and Muzzy G came on stage. Jemma was very impressed when he took his hoody off but then later on we found out that he used fake tan. Mort. He sang two or three songs and he was actually really good.

Next was Aggro Santos. I had missed him in Limerick a few months ago so I was glad I was finally seeing him. He had this blond one singing with him who lip synced for most of the songs.

Saint or a Sinner

After another appearance from Dara Quilty, Alexis Jordan came on stage. She sings very well live. She really sounds the same as she does on the album. Jemma thought that the first song was terrible though. I also discovered that day that she's American. I always thought she was British, I don't know why :L

Hush Hush Hush

Then there was a really long pause between the acts as they got the stage ready for LMFAO. I was pretty excited to see them to being with because I've been listening to them for a couple years. And I'm in love with Jersey Shore. They were on stage for about 45 minutes which was way longer than all the previous acts. I was so surprised how good they were live. They were seriously amazing.
When they were singing 'Shooting Star' I was waiting for John and Edward to come out and start singing Bad Behaviour. If you went to The Bad Behaviour Tour you'd get it :')
At first it was all remix's they did and you couldn't tell where one song started and the other ended. They did Get Crazy, Shooting Star, Shots, Champagne Showers, Party Rock Anthem, Sorry For Party Rocking and a couple more I think.
Redfoo started crowd surfing near the end and all you could see was his feet in the air. I was so sickened though because he was crowd surfing where I was when I was in standing. Wah.

Face Down Ass Up

There was another long pause after LMFAO to get the stage ready for Ke$ha. At this point my heart was going 90. The drummer was testing the sound for a minute a good while before she came on and I nearly had a heart attack.
She came on standing in this lit-up diamond thing and you could only see her glasses that were also lit-up. She started singing Sleazy. I was holding back the tears, I'm not even messing. I was shaking like a leaf, it was rather embarrassing.
I was standing for the whole time. During one song everyone sat down in the seated area except me. I was still there freaking out. Jemma kept laughing at me telling me to sit down but I wouldn't listen.
She did a full hour and 45 minute set, without all the bullshit in between of course. She sang (not in order) Sleazy, Cannibal, Dinasour, Dirty Picutre, Tik Tok (as the encore), Blow, Your Love is My Drug, We R Who We R, Backstabber, Blah Blah Blah, Party at a Rich Dudes House, Take it Off, and Animal. I was kinda surprised she did Animal so well live actually. I didn't expect her to do Backstabber either because it's not as well known and it's one of my favourite songs ever! She did the whole heart/bloog thing during Cannibal as well.
The best part of the entire night though was when between songs she came out on stage in a dick costume and fought with a strawberry.
Basically, it was fucking amazing.

Dirty Picture

Really long post, sorry! Well done if you actually read it all :')
If you want to see more videos from the concert go to