Saturday, 10 December 2011

Magnetic Nail Polish

A few months ago Nails Inc came out with their new magnetic nail polish. It comes in four different colours - Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall and Houses of Parliament. I only have Trafalgar Square and Houses of Parliament.

Big Ben
Trafalgar Square
Houses of Parliament

Trafalgar Square - Before and After

To do them, I first started off by applying Nails Inc Kensington basecoat on all of my nails. Then I applied Trafalgar Square on one of my nails as you would a regular nail polish.

Straight away I put the magnetic that is on top of the handle over my nails. Make sure the magnet doesn't actually touch your nail, just let it hover over it.

Leave it there for about fifteen seconds. Then you will have your magnetic effect!
Do this to all of your nails and then apply a top coat. I used Nails Inc Albert Bridge.

These retail for about €17.00 each. You can buy them from their website, Asos or Brown Thomas.

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  1. so you don't need to move the magnetic at all just put it above the nails & wait 15 seconds?Well that's a relieve. I thought about buying "Houses of Parliament" for my younger sister but i was a tiny bit sceptical about it and the price didn't help too....I always forget that asos also sell beauty stuff the normal on-line beauty sellers only have the grey one :p
    This was helpful dear thanks ;)