Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sales Haul

This morning I woke up bright and early to face the madness that is the Christmas sales, and by bright and early I mean half nine.
The last and only Topshop in Limerick closed down earlier this month and my mother and I have been having some serious withdrawal symptoms. Pretty much half of my wardrobe is from Topshop so I must admit, I was a bit lost without it today.
Almost all of the sales were pretty horrendous which is the reason for all of the clothes in this haul being from River Island. There are really no good shops left in Limerick now with Topshop being gone so I'm planning on going to Cork or Dublin sometime soon for some bit of variety.

These three t-shirts were reduced from €20 to €12. I do wish now that I had gotten a few more but what can you do.

Over-sized 'Nice' sequin vest top which was reduced from €20 to €9

This MTV sequin top was originally €29 but it was on sale for €14. When I was in Cork last month I got the Rolling Stones version of this and I was planning on getting the MTV one when I got back to Limerick, but they never seemed to have it in my size. So I finally got it today - not in my preferred colour, but it's better than nothing.

I've been eyeing up this jumper for a while as well! It was originally priced at €33 and reduced to just €18. I think this may be the comfiest piece of clothing I have ever owned, it doesn't look too bad either! I did get it a few sizes bigger but it doesn't seem too bad when it's on. It does get rather warm so I think I'd just wear it outside mainly. 

The top wire headband, the fury leopard print one, was only €3 after being reduced from €10. The other two were on sale for €2 with it's original price being €8.

Once again, something I've been wanting for a good while! I've recently gotten back into wearing jeans a lot, especially bright coloured ones. These are normally €48 which put me off them a bit, but I got them today for half price.

These floral print shoes, which were actually a size five not three, were on sale for €18. I'm not sure of it's original price though.

I absolutely adore these shoes. These brown ankle boots, which are showing up as a more maroon colour in the photo, were originally priced at €49.50 but were on sale for just €18. If that wasn't good enough, they were reduced to a further €9 because of one of the shoes being a size four and the other being a five. That was fine for me as I'm a size four and a half. So as if I didn't already love these shoes enough, I loved them even more after finding out that I was saving around 80%.
The price tag.

An Inglot shop opened up near me around two months ago. I have had a bit of a wander around there in the past but only leaving with arms full of swatches instead of any actual products.
I did go in there today though after remembering that I needed a new pale foundation. I know there has been an awful lot of people raving about Revlon's Colour Stay but I have heard of some people's Boots not carrying the palest shade. I figured that there's more of a chance that they would have one pale enough for me as it's high end. 
I was rather surprised that the palest shade was actually far too pale for me. That's definitely a first!
Instead I got the cream foundation in shade number 26 along with a matching concealer. The foundation looks quite small but it's 30ml which is the size of most foundations. The concealer is 10ml. I haven't heard anything really on either of them so I'm excited to try them and I'll let you know how they are!
The foundation was priced at €20 and the concealer at €12.

This last item isn't actually mine, but my mother's. She got it today in River Island for €35 and I just love it so I though I'd show it. It's really one of those pieces where you either love it or hate it and I think it's really her type of style. 


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  2. lovely post, you got some bargains! x