Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Nails of the Day - Shellac and Update!

Writing this post in a bit of a rush really! Tonight at 1am I'm leaving for Dublin to catch my flight to Tenerife!! I'm going there with my Spanish class for the second, and final, part of our Spanish exchange. I'm beyond excited for it as we all got on so well with our exchange partners, despite the language barrier, but I'm also devastated that it's coming to an end.
This is also the reason for my lack of posts lately. I've spent the last week or so packing and just getting organised in general. I was planning on doing a little travel series on this blog with my travel makeup bag and other things like that, but then I realised, that I am absolutely horrendous at packing. So really, it would have been a complete train wreck if I did do them.

I always have to have my nails painted, unless I'm staying at home with no visitors. I've been like this for years. The last time I went out with no nail polish on was last year for my Junior Cert home ec practical - and that was because I was likely to fail otherwise. 
So instead of constantly filling my exchange partner's home with the smell of nail polish, I decided to today get Shellac nails before I ventured off to Spain for just €25.
Shellac is basically just a nail polish which is professionally done and is meant to last for up to two weeks without chipping. This is my first time getting them done so I'm not sure how they're going to turn out after a while. I'll probably do a review on them after two weeks as I'll only be in Tenerife for ten days.

I'll be posting photos and everything once I arrive back home but until then - adios!

Have you ever gotten Shellac nails?

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  1. What ever you do dont go to Valentina Nails in Las Americas, Tenerife. Theyve done shittiest gels ive ever seen in my life. Got them dome in the morning, by dinner time 4 of them fell off and all ive been doing is laying on the beach.