Sunday, 19 February 2012


First day of Spanish school - me on the bottom left

As you might know from my last post, last Wednesday morning I left for Tenerife for the last part of our exchange. I don't think I've ever cried to much as I have on Thursday night and Friday morning. It was completely worth it in the end and I wouldn't change anything. I'm absolutely dying to go back sometime during the summer or even after because I just need to see these people again!

We did pretty much all the tourist things there are to do in Tenerife. On one of the first days we went to Parque el Drago, which is basically a thousand year old tree that is the symbol of the town we were staying in. We also went to Siam Park and Loro Parque, which was one of my favourite things we did. On Valentines Day we went up to Mt. Teide which is a volcano that has the highest peak in Spain. Well, the rest of the exchange went, I didn't because it was much too high for my liking. I did however go on the bus up to it, which still landed me above the clouds, I just didn't go on the cable car to the top.

As it was a school exchange, we did go to school over there. The Spanish were telling us on the first day about how small their school was in comparison to ours but then we got there, and it was massive. They had three basketball courts, a soccer arena and an actual buildings for a school! My school only has prefabs so all of the Irish were amazed by it! Their school day ends at two, whereas ours ends at four. But then after last class, they go back into school for dinner which I could not get used to at all.
I loved going to English class in Tenerife, just because it was the only class I was good at! Thank God they didn't have to go to our Spanish class when they were here because their English is so much better than our Spanish and that'd just be embarrassing. 

The reason we went over in February was so that we could see how they celebrate Carnaval, which is basically their Halloween. We didn't actually see any of the parades or anything as we were there a week too early but we did go to this seven hour concert/party just to see who would perform at Carnaval! We also had a Carnaval-themed party on the last night where all of the exchange people and the rest of our class just dressed up. That night they also had slideshows and videos of the exchange. I actually saw some people who I have been friends with for years cry for the first time.

Tenerife was definitely some of the best ten days of my life and I can't wait to go back again.

I took over six hundred photos so I tried to cut them down to some of my favourites and the ones that best represented the trip.

Our song when they were in Ireland.

Our song when we were in Spain.

"TĂș Halloween, yo Carnavles"

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