Thursday, 29 March 2012

Urban Decay - New Eyeshadows

Urban Decay is my favourite cosmetics brand so I was so excited when I heard that they completely revamped their eyeshadows! They have a new formula which makes them softer, longer-lasting, have a smoother blendability and  have a more crease-free wear.
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There are now 68 shades which include best-sellers, new shades and fan favourites previously exclusive to "palettes. These shadows have five different finishes.

Another new thing about these shadows - the packaging! Urban Decay have also revamped the original design of their iconic subway token compact - may I add, I had no idea that's what it actually was. The biggest difference about the packaging is that you can now take the eyeshadow out of it's pot, and into one of their new Build Your Own Palette. This palette is able to hold six new UD eyeshadows. It comes with a free, exclusive new shade called "Walk of Shame", which is a "soft pinkish-peach matte" as they describe it, and also a travel-sized Good Karma brush. The entire palette is the same price as a single eyeshadow - $18/€17. Although it's over-priced in Ireland, as usual, it's still an over-all amazing deal and I think its going to be an essential for any Urban Decay junkie, like myself.

As well as all of this, five well-known bloggers have picked out their own favourite UD shades for the new palette, which are all now available to buy from the Urban Decay website.


Her shades:

"Bright and fun, these colors capture my personality
really well!"



Her shades:

Vanilla, Sin, Rockstar, Smog, Pistol, Cobra
"My palette is the new neutral. It’s sophisticated and chic, ladylike
and elegant. It plays with color but in a subtle way that is easy for 
someone who might be intimidated by bright shades."


Her shades:

"I am a big fan of neutrals but I like to switch it up once in a while
with a pop of bright color or by doing something smoky and edgy. I
could use these colors for three months and not want to use any
other eyeshadows."


Her shades:

"When we were choosing our colors, I knew I had to have Loaded.
Readers are crazy for it. My palette was built around Loaded for 
dramatic smokiness that’s not over the top."


Her shades:

"Chic and romantic with a little bit of an edge — it's kinda'
me wrapped up in a little palette."
You can buy the palette on Urban Decay's website here.
The Summer collection will be out in the UK & Ireland in early May in Debenhams and House of Frasier.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My Travel Bucket List

For the past couple of days, me and my friend have been discussing where we want to travel to in our lives. I myself am not a huge fan of this country I live in and I don't intend on living here the rest of my life. Right now, my heart is set on moving to London once I finish school but I could soon change my mind about that, as I usually do. 
I also love making lists so I thought that I might as well make a post on this.

Travel Bucket List
Agra, India
Machu Piccu, Peru
Paris, France
Venice, Italy
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
London, England
Easter Island, Chile
Sydney, Australia
I'm also going to Dachau/Munich in September for Oktoberfest this year. I've been dying to go to Germany for year so I wasn't entirely sure whether or not to add this to the list.

Places I've Been To
1. Ireland - too many places I care to name.
2. England - Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool
3. Spain - Majorca, Tenerife, Gran Canaria
4. Poland - Krakow 
5. Turkey - Izmir, Kusadasi, Ephesus
6. Greece - Samos
7. USA - Los Angeles - Hollywood, San Francisco   

Titanic Red Carpet - 1997 and 2012

I've been a massive Titanic nerd for pretty much as long as I can remember. Ever since I saw the movie at the age of four I've been obsessed with all things Titanic. I'd spend my days buying, renting and buying books about the ship, which looking back now seems a little bit pathetic but then I realise that that obsession has now been replaced mainly by The Beatles.
Moving on..
The Titanic 3D premiere took place in London yesterday in The Royal Albert Hall almost fifteen years after the original premiere. Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Frances Fisher and Bill Paxton were among the Titanic actors who attended along with director James Cameron. Missing from the red carpet last night was Leonardo DiCaprio and Gloria Stuart who passed away two years ago.
A lot has changed since 1997, except for Leo's thing for models. Thankfully, some the actors' style is one of the things that has changed. 

Kate Winslet
Linda Hamilton, James Cameron, Suzy Amis and Gloria Stuart
Billy Zane
Frances Fisher

Bill Paxton
Leonardo DiCaprio at the '97 premiere

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Paris Fashion Week A/W 2012 - Front Row

No matter how amazing the outfits on the catwalk may be at a fashion show, I always take an interest in what celebrities attended. Although it's normally the same people who pop up time and time again, you do get the odd one or two that surprise you.
So here are some of my favourite celebrities and some of my favourite shows of Paris Fashion Week.

James McCartney (far left), Nancy Shevell, Paul McCartney and Alicia Keys at Stella McCartney.
Sky Ferriera at Chanel

Baptiste Giabiconi at Chanel

Tiffany Hsu at Valentino
Kristen Stewart at Balenciaga
Mila Kunis at Christian Dior
Leigh Lezark at Christian Dior
Tilda Swinton and Franca Sozzani at Lanvin
Fabien Baron and Dita Von Teese at Lanvin
Katy Perry at Yves Saint Laurent

Jean Paul Gaultier - New Creative Director of Diet Coke

Taking over from Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier has just been named as creative director for Diet Coke!
The French haute couture designer is set to be working on a range of Diet Coke projects in 2012. This will include a "limited edition collection of show-stopping bottles and cans" this April. As well as this, he is set to develop online content, retail concepts and campaigns across Europe. The theme of this new campaign is "Night & Day"

Following this announcement, the first of  three short films called "The Night & Day Serial Designer" premièred today. Just like the ordinary Diet Coke advertisements, it features a tiny puppet doll except this time, Gaultier is helping her with her dance routine and also, her wardrobe. 
The two other short films will feature Gaultier in a variety of roles from a therapist to a journalist and even to a private detective. These will be released on March 9th and 10th.

This may seem like one of the strangest designer collabs ever, but it's certainly not the first of it's kind. Diet Coke have teamed up with numerous designers in the past such as Karl Lagerfeld and Diane Von Furstenburg. Gaultier also collaborated with Evian back in 2008 for his own signature bottle of water.

Evian and Gaultier collaboration - 2008

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Milan Fashion Week - A/W 2012

Milan Fashion Week has never been one of my favourite of the fashion season, nor has the Autumn/Winter collections typically been my favourite. However, I must say that I was really quite surprised at how much I enjoyed  MFW this time around. 
Autumn/Winter collections have normally always fell flat for me with the lack of colours and prints, but designers such as Blumarine have certainly changed my mind about that. 
On top of this, I have also found out about many more incredible fashion designers and their collections from  my trek through the internet during this fashion week. 


Giorgio Armani
Emporio Armani
Roberto Cavalli