Thursday, 29 March 2012

Urban Decay - New Eyeshadows

Urban Decay is my favourite cosmetics brand so I was so excited when I heard that they completely revamped their eyeshadows! They have a new formula which makes them softer, longer-lasting, have a smoother blendability and  have a more crease-free wear.
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There are now 68 shades which include best-sellers, new shades and fan favourites previously exclusive to "palettes. These shadows have five different finishes.

Another new thing about these shadows - the packaging! Urban Decay have also revamped the original design of their iconic subway token compact - may I add, I had no idea that's what it actually was. The biggest difference about the packaging is that you can now take the eyeshadow out of it's pot, and into one of their new Build Your Own Palette. This palette is able to hold six new UD eyeshadows. It comes with a free, exclusive new shade called "Walk of Shame", which is a "soft pinkish-peach matte" as they describe it, and also a travel-sized Good Karma brush. The entire palette is the same price as a single eyeshadow - $18/€17. Although it's over-priced in Ireland, as usual, it's still an over-all amazing deal and I think its going to be an essential for any Urban Decay junkie, like myself.

As well as all of this, five well-known bloggers have picked out their own favourite UD shades for the new palette, which are all now available to buy from the Urban Decay website.


Her shades:

"Bright and fun, these colors capture my personality
really well!"



Her shades:

Vanilla, Sin, Rockstar, Smog, Pistol, Cobra
"My palette is the new neutral. It’s sophisticated and chic, ladylike
and elegant. It plays with color but in a subtle way that is easy for 
someone who might be intimidated by bright shades."


Her shades:

"I am a big fan of neutrals but I like to switch it up once in a while
with a pop of bright color or by doing something smoky and edgy. I
could use these colors for three months and not want to use any
other eyeshadows."


Her shades:

"When we were choosing our colors, I knew I had to have Loaded.
Readers are crazy for it. My palette was built around Loaded for 
dramatic smokiness that’s not over the top."


Her shades:

"Chic and romantic with a little bit of an edge — it's kinda'
me wrapped up in a little palette."
You can buy the palette on Urban Decay's website here.
The Summer collection will be out in the UK & Ireland in early May in Debenhams and House of Frasier.

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