Sunday, 13 May 2012

Garnier Pure Daily Treatment Moisturiser - Review

Like most other fifteen year old girls, I do have spot prone skin. I don't have acne or anything but I never seem to be without a blemish or two, so lately I've been on the hunt for something to help get rid of that, not just cover it up.
Garnier isn't a brand I'd usually go for but they do have amazing adverts and they do get some rave reviews online, so when I saw this for a cheap enough price in Boots I thought I had to get it even though it does say that it's for combination to oily skin and I have combination to dry skin.

My first impression of it was that it had a lovely mint scent to it just like the rest of the Pure range. You don't notice it at all once it's applied though. 
The product does have a very strange consistency, it's light-weight and feels more like an eye cream rather than a moisturiser which can never be a good thing, especially when you have dry skin.
When applying you don't need a whole lot which would explain it's small bottle. Once I applied it though, it absorbed rather quickly and after about ten minutes my skin was dry again and I needed to apply more. In the end, it had little to no effect on the dryness of my skin which is the entire point of a moisturiser.
Lately I've been wearing very little makeup to school, if any, so I've really been able to see the effect of this on my skin throughout the day. After a few hours every day I wore this, I could see it actually coming off my face. I'd have little bits of white dried up moisturiser randomly scattered across my face. I made sure everyday that I applied it properly so that wasn't the reason for it. It was horrible and after about a week and a half I stopped using it after realising it had absolutely no effect on the condition of my skin. It didn't make it better or worse, my skin was still dry and I still had blemishes. It was a complete waste.

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