Friday, 22 June 2012

Jedward - Young Love Album

Surprisingly, one of my most popular posts is about the release of one of Jedward's album covers almost a year ago. So I thought I'd do a follow up to this with their brand new album, 'Young Love'. 

Track Listing

1. Waterline
2. Young Love
3. What's Your Number
4. A Girl Like You
5. Luminous
6. Give It Up
7. Happens In The Dark
8. All I Want Is You
9. What It Feels Like
10. How Did You Know?
11. Can't Forget You
12. P.O.V

iTunes Bonus Tracks
13. Never Better
14. Cool Hereos
15. School's Out

Although I've gone off them a bit lately, I have been a fan of the twins since their first X Factor audition. With that being said, I was more a fan of them themselves rather than their actual music. I think that has now changed quite a bit after hearing this album. It's still not exactly my favourite genre of music or anything but all of the songs just have a really good beat and their voices sound absolutely amazing!
The songs are obviously inspired by their love of 90's boybands which is apparent in the sappy lyrics and just the cheesy music itself. 
All songs are original unlike their first album, Planet Jedward, but just like their previous album, Victory, none of theme are actually written by the twins. 
Not all of the songs are great. I myself am not a fan of 'Give It Up'. However, I think that songs such as Luminous and P.O.V make up for it.
The album also includes their single 'Waterline' which they performed at this years Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland.
Young Love, the album, is available now on iTunes worldwide from today. 

Young Love Music Video

Waterline at ESC 2012

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