Saturday, 23 June 2012

Penny's/Primark A/W 2012 Collection

Since Penny's don't have an actual website, LOOK magazine have posted the new Autumn/Winter 2012 collection on their website for us. What I have posted isn't of course the entire collection, just what I found most... interesting.

The Blouses

The Trousers

 The Skirts/Shorts

The Jackets

The Dresses/Playsuits

The Shoes 

 The Bags

 The Jewellery

As we all know by now, Penny's have really upped their game the past few years but they have really let me down with this collection. 
Firstly I just have to start out with the shoes. I practically live in my Dr Martens, they're like my babies, but now that Penny's are now going to be doing a horrible sparkly knock off I don't know what I'll do. It'll probably be like when they started doing Paul's Boutique take off's and the hundreds of euros I spent on the real stuff just went down the drain. I also have to address the Lita look-a-likes. Even if they didn't look like Lita's, I would still just find the pattern disgusting. At least the heel isn't just plain wooden like the real thing.
Honestly, the only things I like are the trousers because of their patterns and a hand-full of the blouses and they'll probably be the only things I'll be buying, if anything.


  1. I'm actually pretty impressed! i know what you mean about the dodgy knock off's but unfortunately thats just what you get with Penneys :( love the blog anyway, im following you on bloglovin!xx

  2. The jewelery is amazing! Great post!

  3. Well I do like the last 2 necklaces. :) Lovely blog, following on Bloglovin! :)

  4. Love these necklaces, I'm a big fan of statement pieces!

    I love your blog, it's adorable! I found you on IFB and now I am fallowing you vi Bloglovin, I was going to fallow you on GFC but couldn't find a link on your page!!


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  6. fabulous picks shown... im loving all the blouses

  7. Oh Dr Martins. They bring back memories. Soooo many memories!