Friday, 22 June 2012

Update - Pink Hair and Dublin Haul

Evening all!
Since it's been summer for me for almost a month now, I decided to dye my hair pink. I had my fringe pink before about two years ago but this time I went all out.
Originally I wanted light pink hair, which I thought would be easy enough to achieve considering my mother is a hairdresser. First I had to go blond, which may I say, is an extremely painful process. Then we mixed a bunch of colours and got this gorgeous bubble-gum pink in the bowl. However once I had applied it and washed it out, it was incredibly patchy. It wasn't like it was just my roots or anything, the pink was just in the most random spots of my head. 
The next day I went out and got some relatively cheap stuff which was Crazy Color in 'Pinkissimo no. 42'. This didn't involve bleaching my hair or anything. According to the bottle you only have to leave it in for fifteen to thirty minutes and your done. I remember my friend had used this a few years ago and it came out really nice for her, and it did the same for me. It wasn't the shade I originally wanted but I'm still chuffed with how it looks now. I still have to redo it every week or two, which is expected with all pink hair dyes.

Last Friday morning, I took the bus up to Dublin to stay with my cousins for the next four days. At first I was dreading going because I don't really like young children and I expected that I would have to stay with them the entire time. Instead I spent most of my time in town which was great because I plan on moving to Dublin after I finish school.
Almost straight after I got off the bus, I went to Dublin Zoo with my aunt and my youngest cousin who's about six or seven. I hadn't been there in about nine years and I was amazed how it had completely changed. I'm not usually a fan of zoo's or places with animals in cages but they changed it back in 2009 and it looks so much better for the animals now.

Me chillin' with some lions in the background.

The next day I got the bus into town with my aunt. I had a very tourist moment because I hadn't been on a double decker bus since they got rid of them in Limerick in the late nineties. We went around Temple Bar which I don't think I had ever properly bee around before. We went around all the record places, which I meant to go back to but completely forgot about. I did end up getting a Beatles book that I had been eyeing up in HMV for a while, except this was about half the price.
I had yet another tourist moment a while later when I got the Luas into Dundrum with my other aunt. She genuinely could not believe that I had never been on a Luas before. I had also never been to Dundrum shopping centre before. 
I almost died when I found out there was a Topshop in House of Fraser in there. The only Topshop in Limerick closed down six months ago and I have been having withdrawal symptoms ever since. I didn't end up buying much since there wasn't a whole lot there.
Then I went into Urban Outfitters. I've never been there before because the only ones in Ireland are in Dublin. Again, didn't get a whole lot. I do regret not getting a Florence + The Machine record because it was on sale from €33 to €13.
On the Sunday I had to go to a school fair with my cousins which was an incredibly boring experience to say the least. I then went to my second cousin's house who lives on the beach, so that was pretty cool.
The next day, before I got the bus back to Limerick, I went around Grafton St. a bit to get a few last minute things. I practically ran through all the people trying to sell me scratch cards and other things to get to Topshop at the top of the road. This Topshop has three floors and yet I still only bought one thing. I actually didn't even go to the top floor because my heel was in so much pain and it turned out in the end that it was sprained. 
The only other shop I went into on Grafton St. was Boots and all I got was dry shampoo which isn't terribly exciting.
Whenever you hear about record shops in Dublin, or even in Ireland, it's usually Tower Records. I knew it was on Wexford St. but since I'm not from Dublin, I hadn't a clue where that was. I was actually on my way to Westmoreland St. to get the bus when I accidentally came across it. Since I was in a bit of a rush to get the bus, I only bought one record but I'm still chuffed with it. I got my favourite David Bowie album, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Also because it was the 40th anniversary edition it came with the CD as well.

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