Friday, 22 June 2012

When My Dad Met Def Leppard..

Yesterday afternoon I was just sitting down watching 'Def Leppard: Video Killed The Radio Star' because they're one of my favourite bands ever. Then suddenly my mother walked in and said "did you dad ever tell you about the time when he met Def Leppard?". Naturally, I was a bit shocked because my dad is the type of person to tell you the same story over and over again and I never heard anything about him meeting them. 
So then my dad came in and told me the story. 
He was working in the Savoy as a chef when they were performing there on August 7th 1986, which is ten years and a day before I was born. He made them some vegetarian dish, even though Phil Collen is the only vegetarian member. They loved it anyway and wanted it for the remainder of their mini Irish tour. My dad also got to meet them after obviously. 
I know it's not the greatest 'claim to fame' story there is but I was amazed by it.
I've spent about half of my afternoon researching them in Limerick and these are the most interesting things I've found. 

"After again raising the roof of Leisureland in Galway the next evening - same set, a shot of courage from the same bottle of brandy - Def Leppard headed for the town of Limerick. They were booked into a 1400-seat venue called the Savoy, Unfortunately, the promoter, Denis Desmond, had sold less than two hundred tickets in advance. The band was enjoying a little pre-show beverage at a pub next to the Savoy when Desmond informed the band that if ticket sales didn't improve by show time, he was just going to give the damn things away. At least it would make the place look a little fuller (and probably improve the evening's take at the bar)."
"By 8:30, one of Desmond's assistants was stopping into every pub in Limerick handing out Def Leppard tickets. The idea of giving the tickets away was hardly a blow to the band's ego. They thought it was hysterical - "Can you believe this? In America in '83, what what people would have done for these tickets! Here, we can't even give them away."
"When Leppard hit the stage at nine, there were less than three hundred people in attendance in the audience, at least a third of them out of curiosity since they hadn't paid to get in. "We went out there," Joe says, "thinking ''There's nobody here, just a few kids down in front. But they deserve a good one.'" They got it. Leppard consensus is that Limerick was one of the hottest shows on the whole tour."
By Zomba Books 1987.


Note: Rick played the first three songs on his own with Status Quo drummer Jeff Rich joining in after that for the rest of the show

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