Friday, 20 July 2012

Lush Emotional Brilliance Colour Cosmetics

As a relatively new fan of Lush, I was incredibly excited to hear about their new Emotional Brilliance Colour Cosmetics range. It was announced last month that it would be released tomorrow, July 21st.
The range isn't based on what's on trend, but rather on the wearer's emotion, hence the name. 
It includes liquid lipstick, cream eyeshadows and liquid eyeliners in an array of colours. There are thirty products in this range which are all vegan.

How It Works
Simply spin the Emotional Brilliance colour wheel either in-store or via the app. Then, when it stops, pick the three colours that appeal the most to you because they stand out to you right there and then and not because they're your favourite colours or because they match your outfit. These three colours are then placed in the middle in the order that you picked them. Your first colour choice symbolises your strength or weakness. Your second resonates with your primary subconscious need. Finally, your third choice represents your talent, the thing that will help you achieve that subconscious need. 

Liquid Lipsticks
Thirteen shades
€17.95 each

Liquid Eyeliners
Eleven shades
€17.95 each
Cream Eyeshadows
Six shades
€17.95 each


  1. good to know thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hi! Nice colours! I will become a fan LUSH, because I love the liquid eyeliners colours. Thank you for sharing!