Sunday, 29 July 2012

My Week In Pictures - No. 1

I've finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and started do to My Week in Pictures posts with my Instagram photos from the last seven days. I always enjoy seeing people do this and I hope you do too as I'll probably be doing these every Sunday now!

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1. My friend Victoria had her birthday on Monday. She lives in Sydney - hence the Australian koala!
2. Having a Mocha and reading Blow by Blow which I'll hopefully have a review of up during the week.
3. Sara and myself sporting my McQueen scarf look-a-like which I recently rediscovered in my room.
4. Sara's birthday cake on Tuesday - I found it horrible but she loved it, haha.
5. Favourite drink ever! Jones blue bubblegum flavour.
6. New Inglot lipstick which I featured in one of my latest posts - My Favourite Lipsticks.
7. Sara packing for Germany and Poland, sigh.
8. Ireland in the Olympic Opening Ceremony.
9. My new favourite show - 21 Jump Street! I originally just started watching it because of Johnny Depp but it really is an amazing show.

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