Sunday, 15 July 2012

Top 5 Films About Designers

1. Coco Before Chanel
I still remember being twelve years old and dragging four of my friends to see this when it was first out in the cinema. I've sort of cheated on this list - this is actually the only actual film in this list, the rest are really documentaries. The film is originally in French but it is available with English subtitles.
The story follows the designer Chanel as she transforms from Gabrielle into Coco. It shows her from the very beginning in an orphanage and goes through her entire career, including when she was a performer which was where she got the name 'Coco'.
The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Costume Design in 2009.

2. Lagerfeld Confidential
Again in mainly French with English subtitles, this film follows the head designer of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, in 2007. Of course with Karl Lagerfeld being one of my favourite designers of all time, I was just bound to love this!
Made by film maker Rodolphe Marconi, the film shows Lagerfeld shooting models and actress Nicole Kidman, sketching out dress designs and coordinating catwalks. It also features interview footage in between where the designer talks about his personal life. 

3. Valentino: The Last Emperor
I'll just come out and admit it, by the end of this film I was almost crying and it does take a lot to make me cry over a film.
Film maker and journalist, Matt Tyrnauer, follows Valentino Garavani in 2007 and 2008 right up until his last show. Similar to Lagerfeld Confidential, the film shows him sketching dress designs and coordinating his last ever haute couture show as well as his rather different relationship with Giammetti. 

4. McQueen and I
McQueen and I first aired on Channel 4 in February of 2011. It followed the dramatic story of Alexander McQueen's rise to fashion stardom as well as his relationship with his muse, Isabella Blow, right up until both of their suicides. It includes interviews with McQueen's brother, ex-boyfriend, friends, co-workers and models as well as Isabella's husband, Detmar.
I have to admit, this also made me feel quite down as I practically grew up adoring Alexander McQueen mainly because my mother loves him. 

5. Tom Ford OWN Visionaries 
I actually only discovered this documentary the other night when I couldn't sleep and this is sort of what 'inspired' me to do this post. Tom Ford is another designer I grew up admiring because of my mother.
The documentary was filmed last year when Tom Ford made his comeback into the fashion world after taking a break to make his own films. It shows Ford's every day happenings and features celebrities such as BeyoncĂ©.


  1. Omg! I Love this!! I gotta watch them now!!
    love your blog reviews!

  2. Never knew these existed! I've only seen the Coco Chanel movie and that's it. Thanks for the post! :) xo

  3. wow for a twelve year old to wanna see a film like this must mean that you're born to breathe fashion! great post!