Friday, 24 August 2012

Louise Gray for Topshop

Topshop has by far had their fair share of designers create a collection for their shop, and now Scottish designer Louise Gray is joining in. Not only is she designing clothes for them, but also makeup. This is the first time since it's launch twelve years ago that Topshop makeup has done a designer collaboration. 
This collection definitely reflects Louise's vibrant personality and love of colour. She said that she wanted to create "something young and fun, similar to the fashion and makeup I already wear".
The clothes are a tad on the expensive side (£130.00 - £200.00) whereas the makeup has the usual Topshop makeup price tag (£6.50 - £32.00).



'In The Dollhouse' by Dina Goldstein

I've seen photographer's Dina Goldstein's work around the internet recently, especially on Tumblr. Most of what is featured in her 2009 project 'Fallen Princesses' which looks at Disney princesses and what they would be like if they were real in today's world. Said project has won several awards, been published internationally in magazines and been studied in high schools and universities.
Her newest project, made at the start of this year, follows the life of 'B' and 'K' (Barbie and Ken) in their loveless, less than perfect marriage. Even with B being the most successful doll in the world, her husband K is struggling with his sexuality.

Dina Golstein // Photographer & Creator

Reghan Blake // 'B' Doll
Nathaniel Campbell // 'K' Doll
Dave Pol // GI Gene
Stephen Kroeger // 'The Boyfriend'

Behind the Scenes
Shot and edited by Lisa Wu

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Birthday Haul

Although my birthday was just over three weeks ago, I felt that everything I had bought up until the other day still counted as a birthday present.
I personally don't really like the idea of celebrating birthdays, I haven't done so since I was about ten years old and I never really ask for anything. However, this year I got One Direction tickets about a month ago and I'm pretty sure my mother got them for me as a birthday present so I decided to include them in this (I'm going on the twelfth of March in Dublin for anyone else that's going). I also still get money from my relatives for my birthday, which I was planning on saving for Germany next month but of course that didn't happen.
I went to Dublin for a few days the day after my birthday and I also went to Galway for the day a couple of days ago which is why most of the stuff  is from Topshop as we no longer have one here.
Topshop // €33.00
River Island // €20.00
Topshop // €20.00
Topshop // €30.00
River Island // €21.00

€12.50 // €6.00 // €1.50
Nivea Soft Moisturiser - €3.35 // Mini Batiste Dry Shampoo - €1.99 // Soap & Glory Mini Hand Food - €3.50 // Max Factor Xperience Foundation (Light Ivory 40) - €19.99 // L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes Mascara - €16.79
The Rum Diary - €9.99 // Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - €12.25
Both by Hunter S. Thompson

Flatforms // River Island // €25.00
(Dirty already, haha)

Monday, 20 August 2012

My Week In Pictures #3

Some day I'll do one of these posts on time...
Ordinarily I post 'My Week In Pictures' on a Sunday however, yesterday my internet was down quite a bit and I was also getting ready to go to Galway the next day (today). Better late than never though!

1. One of my favourite bands, The Who, closing the Closing Olympic Ceremony last Sunday with Ringo Starr's son, Zak Starkey, on drums.
2. Some beautiful Irish summer weather - the weather has actually been quite good here this month though, this must have just been on off day
3. Dying my hair using my usual pink hair dye - Jean's Color in 'Pink' and 'Magenta' - but with an added 'Purple' this time.
4. Watching my favourite Elvis Presley film, King Creole, on the anniversary of his death.
5. Absolutely hate the new Instagram layout - cheers Facebook.
6. The result of my recent hair colour change. It didn't last long unfortunately. 
7. My gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrior dog - Henry :)
8. Got tons of vinyl records from my dad the other day. My favourite one - Elvis Presley 40 Greatest Hits, pink pressing.
9. I am one of those complete misfortunes who watches X Factor every Saturday and Sunday, every year, without fail. It finally started back this Saturday. When it's started, I know that summer's finally over.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Styled To Rock - First Thoughts

Earlier tonight, the much anticipated show, Styled To Rock, premièred on Sky Living in the UK and Ireland. The show is contest between twelve unknown designers trying to win the prize of styling executive producer, Rihanna for her tour. Every week they'll be set challenges of creating outfits for A-list celebrities including Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole. The challenges are set by Rihanna and her panel of mentors, Nicola Roberts - former Girls Aloud member, Henry Holland - one of my favourite designers, and Lysa Cooper - Rihanna's stylist. 
Rihanna herself doesn't appear in the show as much as I expected, she was really only there to introduce everyone and then at the end to congratulate the week's winner who she had chosen. The mentors however, are there the entire time helping them out when they're creating their outfits and when they're showcasing the final product and they only choose who goes home that week.
Ben - my favourite contestant so far.
As for the contestants themselves, obviously we don't get to know much about them from the first episode and only a handful had their own segments to introduce themselves.  With that being said, I do still have a favourite already, and that's Ben. He began the show wearing this transparent jacket that he had made himself with muddy boot prints all over it which I just adored. He also created my favourite outfit of the first challenge.
That brings me to my next point. Their first challenge at first I thought was a bit odd, but after a while I reaised that it really was the perfect first challenge. Since the prize is to dress Rihanna for her concert, they have to create stage outfits throughout the show. Their brief was to design a stage outfit for Kanye West. Most of them wouldn't expect to have to do menswear, especially on the first week, which is why I thought this was amazing. They were told to stay within the black family, as that's mainly what Kanye wears. I don't want to give too much away for the people who haven't seen it but Ben created his design with black culture in mind, not just the colour, so he used these sort of African patterns which I thought was incredible. According to the Sky Living website he already has his own clothing line called, 'BE EVERYTHING NOW'.
When I first saw the advert for this show I really could not wait for it to begin. When I was younger I watched tons of Project Catwalk and Project Runway which is what I expected this to be like, but so far it looks like it's going to be miles better.
Styled To Rock begand on the 14th of August in the UK and Ireland on Sky Living but will surely be repeated throughout the week for anyone who missed it and will be on every Tuesday. I haven't found anything on it being shown in the US or anywhere else however. 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Copenhagen Fashion Week - S/S 2013

Copenhagen Fashion Week isn't typically the most anticipated of all fashion weeks. None the less, it still showcases some amazing shows. It also exposes the public to some Scandinavian designers that you wouldn't ordinarily hear of and to some of my new favourites by far. I somehow managed to pick my four favourites of the week out of around forty. 

Anne Sofie Madsen
This definitely isn't your average spring/summer collection. Anne Sofie Madsen presented her sci-fi styled collection featuring sheer bodycon dresses and 3-d appliqués. There occasionally was a splash of simplicity however, with a featureless black swinsuit or a sheer white dress. 

Stine Gola
Given the name of 'La Parade Merveilleuse', Goya's latest collection adhered to her brand's philosophy of catering to people who seek individuality in their everyday lives. Washes of watercolour-like prints and metallic gold gave a glamorous edge to outfits with relaxed cuts. Make-up obviously played a large role in most outfits with models having teal and gold faces.

Designskolen Kolding
On the final day of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Kolding sent their spring/summer designs down the runway which were by far, my favourite of the entire week. For those of you who don't know, Designskolen Kolding (Kolding School of Design, in English) is a university-level school that teaches design. They definitely created the most unusual pieces of the week, with a Rolling Stone-style mascot head, among others. For their more 'ordinary' outfits, I found it to be very 60's, which of course would catch my attention.

Tabernacle Twins
Tabernacle Twins were actually the only designers I was aware of prior to Copenhagen Fashion Week. Rightly so, many of their models appear on the runway in twos but in different outfits, like in all of their shows. The collection featured plenty of mint colours and prints with the occasional more simple dresses. 

Monday, 13 August 2012

Blow by Blow - Book Review

The news of Isabella Blows' death shook the fashion world back in 2007. After several suicide attempts she had finally succeeded at the age of forty eight. Issie has been credited for discovering designers such as Alexander McQueen and writing for the some of the biggest fashion magazines. This book, written by her husband Detmar Blow three years after her death, goes through the ups and downs of her life and what had caused her suicide. As well as this it tells the story of her relationship with Detmar and her work in the fashion industry. 
Although it was party written by a professional I felt that some chapters were too short, not detailed enough and just clumsily written. When there was detail in the book, it was usually about Detmar and not his wife. At  times he focused too much on himself, what he was wearing, etc. That would be understandable if it was about Isabella as she was known for her over the top ensembles, but not Detmar. In the book he also spoke a lot about what he was doing at the time and his own projects but not Isabella's. 
The book really just runs through the events in her life almost like a grocery list, not giving any more attention to some of the more important things she did with her life.
Obviously since it's written by her husband, it does have a more sensitive take on her suicide and depression that ordinarily the press wouldn't have.
I really wish that there would have been some form of epilogue though, how the public reacted to her death, Alexander's suicide, something along those lines.
If you don't know very much about Isabella to being with, this is not something to start on. It's really more about her personal life and her family history rather than her career. However, if you are already a fan of her like I am, I would still give it a read as it still provides you with information about her that would be difficult enough to find anywhere else. The manner in how it's written really is a massive let down though.