Monday, 13 August 2012

Blow by Blow - Book Review

The news of Isabella Blows' death shook the fashion world back in 2007. After several suicide attempts she had finally succeeded at the age of forty eight. Issie has been credited for discovering designers such as Alexander McQueen and writing for the some of the biggest fashion magazines. This book, written by her husband Detmar Blow three years after her death, goes through the ups and downs of her life and what had caused her suicide. As well as this it tells the story of her relationship with Detmar and her work in the fashion industry. 
Although it was party written by a professional I felt that some chapters were too short, not detailed enough and just clumsily written. When there was detail in the book, it was usually about Detmar and not his wife. At  times he focused too much on himself, what he was wearing, etc. That would be understandable if it was about Isabella as she was known for her over the top ensembles, but not Detmar. In the book he also spoke a lot about what he was doing at the time and his own projects but not Isabella's. 
The book really just runs through the events in her life almost like a grocery list, not giving any more attention to some of the more important things she did with her life.
Obviously since it's written by her husband, it does have a more sensitive take on her suicide and depression that ordinarily the press wouldn't have.
I really wish that there would have been some form of epilogue though, how the public reacted to her death, Alexander's suicide, something along those lines.
If you don't know very much about Isabella to being with, this is not something to start on. It's really more about her personal life and her family history rather than her career. However, if you are already a fan of her like I am, I would still give it a read as it still provides you with information about her that would be difficult enough to find anywhere else. The manner in how it's written really is a massive let down though.


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