Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Copenhagen Fashion Week - S/S 2013

Copenhagen Fashion Week isn't typically the most anticipated of all fashion weeks. None the less, it still showcases some amazing shows. It also exposes the public to some Scandinavian designers that you wouldn't ordinarily hear of and to some of my new favourites by far. I somehow managed to pick my four favourites of the week out of around forty. 

Anne Sofie Madsen
This definitely isn't your average spring/summer collection. Anne Sofie Madsen presented her sci-fi styled collection featuring sheer bodycon dresses and 3-d appliqu├ęs. There occasionally was a splash of simplicity however, with a featureless black swinsuit or a sheer white dress. 

Stine Gola
Given the name of 'La Parade Merveilleuse', Goya's latest collection adhered to her brand's philosophy of catering to people who seek individuality in their everyday lives. Washes of watercolour-like prints and metallic gold gave a glamorous edge to outfits with relaxed cuts. Make-up obviously played a large role in most outfits with models having teal and gold faces.

Designskolen Kolding
On the final day of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Kolding sent their spring/summer designs down the runway which were by far, my favourite of the entire week. For those of you who don't know, Designskolen Kolding (Kolding School of Design, in English) is a university-level school that teaches design. They definitely created the most unusual pieces of the week, with a Rolling Stone-style mascot head, among others. For their more 'ordinary' outfits, I found it to be very 60's, which of course would catch my attention.

Tabernacle Twins
Tabernacle Twins were actually the only designers I was aware of prior to Copenhagen Fashion Week. Rightly so, many of their models appear on the runway in twos but in different outfits, like in all of their shows. The collection featured plenty of mint colours and prints with the occasional more simple dresses. 


  1. Great post. I love learning about emerging designers, and I hadn't heard of any of these names. I definitely have a couple new labels to keep my eye on.


  2. good posting about Copenhagen Fashion Week - S/S 2013

  3. Great post! German designers are nuts...lol. I love all of these clothes, nonetheless... :-).

    1. Copenhagen is in Denmark though...

  4. Sophie,

    I love the Anne Sophie Madsen collection--although I will say that the texture detail on the giant tongue in the Designskolen Kolding collection is pretty amazing...just like taste buds!