Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hello Autumn.

Autumn in Ireland - Credit
I for one, am not a summer person, at all. I hate the sun, I hate the heat. Thankfully, I live in Ireland where I don't have to worry about that too much. I much prefer cooler weather and even the frost and the snow which is the main reason why winter is my favourite season. I know it's only autumn now but at least we're getting closer. The only part of summer I actually somewhat enjoy is the three month break that we get from that god forsaken school.
The past few summers have been horrible for me, especially 2010. Some people get the 'wintertime blues', I for one get 'summertime sadness'. That on top of plenty of dreadful things that occurred during those three months made 2010 almost unbearable for me, and it didn't get a whole lot better in 2011. I know I must sound like some annoying angsty teenager, but it's true.
With that being said, this summer was alright enough. I still have almost a month of summer holidays left but I know that the next couple of weeks are going to be completely uneventful, especially with my best friend being out of the country until the end of the month, and then the last week or two will be spent getting ready for the new school year. I was expecting nothing from this years summer and that's exactly what I got, nothing, so I suppose I can't complain too much. I just cannot wait to get out of this country.
Which brings me on to my next point...
It has become pretty much a ritual, that every summer, or even school holiday, I end up stressing out and becoming really upset about college and moving away. I'm only going into my second last year of school in September but I've been doing this since I was about thirteen years old. Education wise, I want nothing more than to study fashion journalism in London College of Fashion. That's the entire reason I started this blog. I've wanted to work in the fashion industry since I was at least six years old. I remember spending all of my communion money on this doll set where you could sketch your designs for them and buy all these different clothes for them - separately, of course. I've been collecting magazines such as Elle and Vogue since the age of twelve and I've wanted to work for a magazine since. When I found out about LCF at the age of thirteen or fourteen I just knew it was perfect. Obviously with it being one of the best fashion schools in the world and the best for fashion journalism, it's almost impossible to get into. I've spent months and months on end literally worrying and having panic attacks about not being good enough and end up not being able to leave the country and spend my life on the dole. I think that alone ruins summer for me.
On a more cheerful note, there are other more pleasant reasons as to why it's August. For one, my birthday is in four days - August 6th. Normally, I hate birthdays. It's not even the fact that I don't like being older - not yet anyway, I was just never quite fond of it, not even completely sure why. However, I'm sort of excited for it this year. Again, I don't know why. It's not like I'm doing anything for my birthday and it's not like I'm planning on getting anything that I know of, but sure, I suppose there's nothing wrong with that.
Also, in late September, after wanting to go since I was about ten or eleven, I am finally going to Germany!! I've loved Germany for years, their culture, their music - especially their music and now I get to go! Similar to when I went to Spain back in February, it's going to be another school exchange. It's funny because I haven't actually studied German in school in two years but I kept bothering the German teacher for about a month, begging her to let me go. In the end, she allowed me to take part as I study history and we're going to be staying in Dachau. If you don't already know, Dachau is the home to the first Nazi concentration camp in Germany. My entire family are history junkies so they're a bit jealous. We did go to Cracow in Poland a few years ago though to visit Auschwitz. Not the most pleasant holiday for a ten year old at the time but now I suppose I appreciate it. Dachau is right next to Munich in Bavaria. That also explains why we're going in late September/early October as that's exactly when Oktoberfest takes place in Munich. We don't have our itinerary or anything of the sort yet and we haven't been told anything but it only makes sense. As for the other half of the German exchange, I have no idea when they'll be visiting Ireland as we have all the same holidays as them barr Oktoberfest and Paddy's Day but the school doesn't allow that any more. I know I'm not going to Germany this month or anything but I absolutely cannot wait. None of my friends are even doing the exchange, which is quite pathetic on my part, but I've been dying to go for years so I couldn't really care less. 
Since this is mainly a fashion blog, I might as well talk about just that! 
I definitely prefer autumn/winter fashions over spring/summer which really contributes to my love for the two seasons. It's not really a secret that I don't have the best figure for summer clothes such as shorts and what have you, so that was probably originally why I preferred winter clothes, but now it's more than just that. For the most part, I find a/w collections far better than s/s ones, even with my undying love for pastels! Some shops ruin it a bit though because some people when they think of winter clothes they just think of black and boring but it doesn't have to be just that, so during the colder months I do go off some shops until spring.
I have to say the one thing I'm really dreading about autumn/winter, besides school, is the apocalypse. I know that's probably the stupidest thing I could possibly say but as you can tell, I'm a very paranoid person. December 21st may be the most nerve-wrecking day of my sixteen years of existence.
I wasn't expecting this post to be half as long as it actually is and I will be beyond amazed if anyone so much as gets past the first paragraph. So I suppose that's all for now, tschüs!

Pssstt.. If you haven't already noticed, I changed my URL slightly. Before it was 'sophielouisebutler', now it's 'sophielouisevalentine'. Nothing drastic, I know, but I just wanted it to match the title. Plus, it just sounds catchier!

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  1. Hey,
    thank you for your message on IFB.

    As I was checking out your blog, I saw this autumn picture and I started to read the post because it's my favorite season. I really know what you mean about summer sadness! I don't like the heat either and I had a few horrible summers as well. My worst summer was 2007 but the ones after that were not fun either.
    I almost felt like I could have written that. And when I read about you comming to Germany, I started laughing because I'm from Germany! I actually live in Bavaria. Isn't that a coincidence?
    So, I wanted to let you know that I read the entire post and I found it really interesting!

    Tschüs! :)