Friday, 24 August 2012

'In The Dollhouse' by Dina Goldstein

I've seen photographer's Dina Goldstein's work around the internet recently, especially on Tumblr. Most of what is featured in her 2009 project 'Fallen Princesses' which looks at Disney princesses and what they would be like if they were real in today's world. Said project has won several awards, been published internationally in magazines and been studied in high schools and universities.
Her newest project, made at the start of this year, follows the life of 'B' and 'K' (Barbie and Ken) in their loveless, less than perfect marriage. Even with B being the most successful doll in the world, her husband K is struggling with his sexuality.

Dina Golstein // Photographer & Creator

Reghan Blake // 'B' Doll
Nathaniel Campbell // 'K' Doll
Dave Pol // GI Gene
Stephen Kroeger // 'The Boyfriend'

Behind the Scenes
Shot and edited by Lisa Wu


  1. Stopping by my IFB friend!OMG.. Real life Barbie & Kent, this is too funny, thanks for sharing!

    stay fabulous

  2. This is such a clever and really good idea. There's always something a little haunting about doll photoshoots I think.

  3. good job, just support to you

  4. Such an unusual interpretation of a usual life story.
    I have never been addicted to dolls and cartoons, but this session really impressed me and made me watch it till the end followed by emotions. thank you.