Sunday, 12 August 2012

My Week in Pictures #2

Long time no see!
Apologies for not posting in a week, but surprisingly I've been fairly busy. It was my birthday on Monday so at the last minute I decided to spend a few days in Dublin - so be expecting a haul soon enough.
Also, I said in my last 'My Week in Pictures' post I said that I would do these every week but I haven't been posting on Instgram much lately - mainly due to lack of internet connection - so I thought I'd combine the two weeks into one post.

1. Taking the dogs for a walk, sort of.
2. Some beautiful Irish weather~ It's actually rather ironic now because it has been absolutely roasting the past few days.
3. Watching 'Le Mepris'. I've been loving Brigitte Bardot lately!
4. Cleaning my face brushes - has to be done.
5. Finally started reading 'The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe' by J. Randy Taraborelli, loving it so far!
6. Favourite coffee place ever - BB's.
7. Watching my favourite Marilyn Monroe film, 'Some Like it Hot' on her 50th anniversary.
8. My sixteenth birthday on Monday. I never do anything for my birthday yet my parents still insist on decorating the house.
9. Got these shoes the other day in River Island when I was in Dublin. Flatforms are my new favourite shoes!


  1. What a pretty post! The pictures are very interesting to look at and I love the shoes :).

    Elle Michele

  2. good posting about My Week in Pictures #2