Monday, 20 August 2012

My Week In Pictures #3

Some day I'll do one of these posts on time...
Ordinarily I post 'My Week In Pictures' on a Sunday however, yesterday my internet was down quite a bit and I was also getting ready to go to Galway the next day (today). Better late than never though!

1. One of my favourite bands, The Who, closing the Closing Olympic Ceremony last Sunday with Ringo Starr's son, Zak Starkey, on drums.
2. Some beautiful Irish summer weather - the weather has actually been quite good here this month though, this must have just been on off day
3. Dying my hair using my usual pink hair dye - Jean's Color in 'Pink' and 'Magenta' - but with an added 'Purple' this time.
4. Watching my favourite Elvis Presley film, King Creole, on the anniversary of his death.
5. Absolutely hate the new Instagram layout - cheers Facebook.
6. The result of my recent hair colour change. It didn't last long unfortunately. 
7. My gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrior dog - Henry :)
8. Got tons of vinyl records from my dad the other day. My favourite one - Elvis Presley 40 Greatest Hits, pink pressing.
9. I am one of those complete misfortunes who watches X Factor every Saturday and Sunday, every year, without fail. It finally started back this Saturday. When it's started, I know that summer's finally over.

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