Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Styled To Rock - First Thoughts

Earlier tonight, the much anticipated show, Styled To Rock, premièred on Sky Living in the UK and Ireland. The show is contest between twelve unknown designers trying to win the prize of styling executive producer, Rihanna for her tour. Every week they'll be set challenges of creating outfits for A-list celebrities including Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole. The challenges are set by Rihanna and her panel of mentors, Nicola Roberts - former Girls Aloud member, Henry Holland - one of my favourite designers, and Lysa Cooper - Rihanna's stylist. 
Rihanna herself doesn't appear in the show as much as I expected, she was really only there to introduce everyone and then at the end to congratulate the week's winner who she had chosen. The mentors however, are there the entire time helping them out when they're creating their outfits and when they're showcasing the final product and they only choose who goes home that week.
Ben - my favourite contestant so far.
As for the contestants themselves, obviously we don't get to know much about them from the first episode and only a handful had their own segments to introduce themselves.  With that being said, I do still have a favourite already, and that's Ben. He began the show wearing this transparent jacket that he had made himself with muddy boot prints all over it which I just adored. He also created my favourite outfit of the first challenge.
That brings me to my next point. Their first challenge at first I thought was a bit odd, but after a while I reaised that it really was the perfect first challenge. Since the prize is to dress Rihanna for her concert, they have to create stage outfits throughout the show. Their brief was to design a stage outfit for Kanye West. Most of them wouldn't expect to have to do menswear, especially on the first week, which is why I thought this was amazing. They were told to stay within the black family, as that's mainly what Kanye wears. I don't want to give too much away for the people who haven't seen it but Ben created his design with black culture in mind, not just the colour, so he used these sort of African patterns which I thought was incredible. According to the Sky Living website he already has his own clothing line called, 'BE EVERYTHING NOW'.
When I first saw the advert for this show I really could not wait for it to begin. When I was younger I watched tons of Project Catwalk and Project Runway which is what I expected this to be like, but so far it looks like it's going to be miles better.
Styled To Rock begand on the 14th of August in the UK and Ireland on Sky Living but will surely be repeated throughout the week for anyone who missed it and will be on every Tuesday. I haven't found anything on it being shown in the US or anywhere else however. 


  1. good posting about Styled To Rock - First Thoughts

  2. I absolutely can't wait to see this! PR is much more real-life designer, whereas this show will definitely move more in the avant-garde stage direction which is definitely more playful and exciting.

  3. i really liked it, i just wish that the guy had gone out instead of the girl, i thought she seemed like she had more potential idk xxx

  4. Amazing blog :)
    I started following you! I found really interesting this post. Here in Italy we don't see this tv show yet, but I like your point of view.
    A big kiss