Friday, 3 August 2012

Top 5 A/W Nail Polishes

 As autumn is slowly creeping up on us I've decided to showcase my favourite polishes for the coming months. During the summer I've ended up wearing plenty of dark colours so knowing me I'll end up wearing bright colours and pastels during the winter.
Usually when I do nail related posts it's just all Nails Inc., as they're my favourite brand of nail polishes, but I've tried my hardest to feature other brands as well, which I think I did a pretty good job of. 
I didn't actually realise how messily I applied this until I uploaded it - sorry!
1. Ciaté - Dangerous Affair 013
Red is just one of those nail colours that you can wear any season if you wear it right. For the winter months you'd obviously want a darker deeper red. This colour is probably my favourite red nail colour out of all the ones I own. I only own one Ciaté polish but I definitely want to get more. It has the most gorgeous packaging that I've ever seen on a nail polish, it's incredibly pigmented and lasts for absolutely ages. 

2. Models Own - Copper Pot
 My favourite colour for autumn. I bought this back in May and I've tried to stop myself from wearing it too much before autumn arrived. This golden orange polish is perfect for autumn, or fall if you're American. As well as this, Models Own is my favourite nail polish brand behind Nails Inc. It's one of the most long lasting polish brand I've ever used, probably even better than Nails Inc.

3. Nails Inc - The Vale
 Now on to the Nails Inc...
I ended up wearing this colour a lot during the summer, I just couldn't help it! 
Nails Inc is my favourite brand of nail polishes and for good reason. They come in a variety of different shades and finishes, they're highly pigmented and are long lasting. They also have some "Special Effects" polishes which I have featured in other posts in the past. I see it as the MAC of the nail polish world.
This colour is a very deep wine/plum colour. It's great if you're not a fan of incredibly dark colours as it isn't too over the top.

4. Nails Inc - Victoria
 One of my most worn colours at the moment. It's fairly similar to Chelsea which I featured in a Nails of the Day post the other week which you can see here. It's a very dark red and you can make it as light or as dark as you like depending on how many coats you use. As you can see, I decided to put on quite a few. The photo of the actual bottle looks a bit brown but it's much more red in person.

5. No7 - 200 Salsa
 I have recently rediscovered this polish after constantly wearing it around Christmas last year - hence the bit of green on the bottle cap. In the bottle, it looks quite similar to the Ciaté polish but once you apply it, it comes out brighter and very shimmery which makes it great for Christmas. I'm not a massive fan of No7 products normally but their polishes last for absolutely ages without chipping. I also adore the brush as it's quite flat.

As always, I used my trusty Kensington Caviar basecoat and topcoat duo before and after applying each colour.


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  4. Just found your blog via IFB and it's great! I just bought my first Ciaté bottle in Superficial (a turquoise/teal) and I love it. I will have to check out the red!