Saturday, 24 November 2012

Argento: Karma Jewellery Range - Review

This review was supposed to be posted much earlier than this, but I have been absolutely dying sick the past week so apologies!

Recently, I was asked to review Argento's new Karma range. I jumped at the chance when I first saw the pieces! Argento currently have over forty stores throughout the UK with five more in the Republic of Ireland and ship internationally on their site. Their Karma range is fairly inexpensive and any of their pieces would be the perfect gift for any girl in your life as they have something for just about everyone.

Antique Flower Cluster Ring

You can buy this ring from their website here.
I absolutely fell in love with this ring when I first saw it because of it's antique look - which the name suggests. However, at first I was slightly apprehensive to order it because I have man fingers but I adored it too much not to. When it arrived though, I found that it had an adjustable elasticated band (it says it on the site - of course I didn't see it though!). Usually I find adjustable bands to be quite irritating, but I find no problem with this one whatsoever. 
I absolutely love statement rings, and this is definitely one. It's a fairly big piece of jewellery without taking over your entire hand. I've also gotten back into wearing a lot of silver jewellery lately so this is just perfect.


Amethyst Fall in Love Necklace

You can buy this necklace from their website here.
Since the ring was such a statement piece, I decided to get a more toned down necklace. There is also a Crystal version of this necklace available, but I went with the purple coloured one because it's my favourite colour and I thought it would work better with the winter months ahead. The stone also comes in the form of a longer necklace, bracelets, earrings and rings. The little details in this necklace makes it look more expensive than it actually is yet still maintaining it's amazing quality. I absolutely adore the way the stone is cut and the way it reflects the light. It also has little details around the stone which I love as well.


There's currently a sale on the Karma range on Argento's website with up to 50% off the prices stated above.


  1. I love this ring especially because of the antique feel of it :)