Sunday, 25 November 2012

Elizabeth Taylor Barbie Dolls

Two Elizabeth Taylor dolls have been unveiled by Mattel to commemorate the late actress. The faces of the dolls were even approved by the icon herself ten years prior to her death in 2011. Both have been named after one of her fragrances - 'Violet Eyes' and 'White Diamonds'. No prizes for guessing which one is which. They each come with their own accessories including a mini toy version of the perfume they were named after. Both of the doll's dresses also come complete with a red satin ribbon to represent the charity work she did to help people living with HIV and AIDS.
Being a huge fan of Elizabeth Taylor, I was over the moon when I first heard they were coming out with more dolls of her. However the chances of me actually buying one is the same as me being sent a Chanel bag by Karl Lagerfeld himself. The price of The White Diamonds doll comes in at $125 and The Violet Eyes doll at $150. I may only be sixteen but the prices of Barbie dolls sure have gone up since I was a child. However, if you are mad enough to buy one, you can get them at Barbie Collector.
These two dolls are the fourth and fifth Elizabeth Taylor Barbies to have ever been made. The first three were released together back in 2009.

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  1. They're adorable! I'm way past the Barbie age, but I would definitely buy one of these they're gorgeous.