Monday, 7 January 2013

Mr Selfridge - First Thoughts

Ever since I first saw the advert for Mr Selfridge I have been practically counting down the days until it aired and that day, was today. Based around fashion in early 1900's London and written by Andrew Davis, I was bound to be obsessed with this show from the beginning. In the past Andrew Davis has produced many other mini-television series about novels by Jane Austen among other things so he's an expert on writing about old England.
Mr Selfridge is a ten-art mini-series based on the story of Harry Gordon Selfridge, the American founder of Selfridges department store. Based on Lindy Woodhead's novel 'Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge', the series includes real and fictitious characters that were created by the Davis. 
Being somebody who plans on working in the fashion industry in the future, it was somewhat refreshing to see Mr Selfridge come close to failing in the beginning after the withdrawal of his investors. Obviously he still managed to get on perfectly fine without them or else there'd only be one episode. 
However, I felt slightly disappointed with the characters. Even though 1909 was an empowering time for women I still felt a lack of testosterone in the show, even with the main character being a man. Pretty much the only other men in the show are fairly minor characters with very little lines. Even in the promotional shots it's all women bar the man himself and all the women look fairly similar which makes it almost difficult to keep up with who's who occasionally. I will say though that the casting director did an amazing job casting Jeremy Piven as Mr Selfridge - he almost reminds me of an early twentieth century version of Tom Ford.
With all that being said, even after a single pilot episode, I know that Mr Selfridge is going to be an amazing show and I cannot wait for the next episode next Sunday
Each episode is an hour and a half long and airs on TV3 here in Ireland, ITV1 in the UK, PBS in the USA, Yleisradio in Finland and Norsk Rikskringkasting in Norway.

The real Mr. Selfridge

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  1. So Interesting! Thanks for bringing it up for us.. I Just Love Your Blog :)