Monday, 7 July 2014

Marc Jacobs - Daisy Eau So Fresh - Review

75ml - €60.00

I've never been one to fuss or obsess over fragrances. I've never been one to collect them or be too bothered them. I tend to buy one or two and just stick to them and continue buying the same ones once I run out, Alien by Thierry Mugler example. Mainly because I am the most indecisive and fussy person anyone will ever meet. However, one day I was wandering around Boots and decided to test some new fragrances, since I didn't really have one for summer, when one of the shop assistants suggested Daisy Eau So Fresh to me based on the other fragrances that I like. I also tried the new Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight which was more summery but I didn't like it half as much. So I decided to splurge €60 on a 75ml bottle of Eau So Fresh which is reasonable enough now that I think about it.

 The first thing that struck me about this perfume was the packaging. The daisy cap is the signature look of all the Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume. However, I prefer the pastel petals on this bottle more than any of the others. The packaging of the Daisy perfumes is one of the reasons why they're so popular. I know a good few people who don't even like the scent of the Daisy perfumes but collect them simply because they look nice. Then again, I also know people who find the flower caps unnecessary, but I really disagree with them.

As for the actual scent of the perfume, it's floral yet fruity at the same time. It combines raspberry, grapefruit and pear with wild rose. Marc Jacobs describes it as "a charming twist on our classic Daisy fragrance.. more fruity, bubbly, and more fun than our classic". I couldn't have put it better myself.
This perfume is an amazing girly fragrance perfect for daytime. It's very discrete and not overpowering but the main downfall of this perfume is that it wears off pretty quickly, especially in summer.

The perfume is available in three different sizes - 20ml (€40), 75ml (€60) and 125ml (€79) - all prices are according to It's perfect for daytime in spring and summer. The only problem is that you have to reapply it throughout the day if you want it to last. Other than that I'd definitely recommend it to any girl as I think it would suit almost anyone that was to wear it.